SMS Gateway


PayConnect SMS portal is a modern set of web tools for running multi-channel mobile-first campaigns, equipped with behavior-based segmentation and in-depth analytics.

The Portal supports SMS, Voice, Email, Push, and OMNI modules. Easy to use, it requires virtually no user training, and unleashes powerful communications options for companies of all sizes.
SMS module was developed for sending larger number of 1 Way and 2 Way messages to contacts stored in the address book. Advanced features allow users to manage campaigns, schedule sending time and manage contacts and groups. With Push notifications module users, can create and run push notifications campaigns for your mobile app users.
Reporting module allows a real-time insight into all relevant inbound and outbound traffic numbers. These are presented in rich graphical manner, making monitoring and insights easier than ever before.

Features of PayConnect SMS Gateway


Delivery Reports

Address Book/Subscriber List



Traffic Routing Between Several Providers

System Monitoring

Email Alerting System

Gateway Fallback Feature

Subscriber Blacklist

Message Archiving



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