Produce Management


We at PayConnect have technology enabled devices and systems that will facilitate the weighing and recording activities for farm produce e.g. in coffee, tea, milk, cashewnuts etc., electronic transfer of these details and immediate confirmation to the stakeholders involved.

Deliverables by the solution
  • Registration of farmers and the Co-operative society/Associations/groups/groups and/ or Union they belong to.
  • Update of all the farmer’s bio data including their names, ID number, telephone numbers, quality of breeds, number of cows, coffee or tea bushes, number of employees, level and quality of input and daily production record.
  • Ability by the stakeholders to ascertain the requisite measurement parameters both at source and the point of receipt for processing or storage.
  • Ability by the farmer to witness the quantity of his produce at the collection point and receive confirmation of the same through receipts and SMS.
  • Provide specific information as to the location, time, persons, and activities involved in the logistics process.
  • Enable fleet managers to monitor produce collection by scheduling trips along defined routes and manage the efficiency and effectiveness of the collection and delivery process.
  • Provision of data to the management of the location, quantity, quality and times of delivery by different farmers.
  • Provision of the requisite data to the financial institutions for ease of mobile loans processing.
  • Provision of data that will link the farmers to other support institutions e.g. county government, union, co-operative society, agro-dealers, insurance etc.
  • Advise to the Banks and other stake-holders stake-holders on production trends and cycles for planning and other development activities.
  • Real time update of collection information to Management information system (MIS)
  • Generation of a digital farmers’ payouts files that will also capture the deductions i.e. inputs, and advances.
  • Development of an effective farmers mobile banking and lending platform with other value adding services like query on USSD, SMS or mobile App for delivery, payment balances and statements.

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