Mobile Banking System


PayConnect Mobile banking system (MobiHub) can be deployed by Banks, SACCOs and Microfinance Institutions. It allows subscribers to perform all their banking activities from a native application.

Banking solutions are made available to customers, right at their fingertips making it a very convenient practice for users and a cost-effective proposition for banking firms.

PayConnect Mobile banking system is deployed via two different channels:

  • USSD
  • Application (App)
PayConnect Mobile Banking system services
Financial Transactions
  • Query services
  • Funds transfer
  • Standing order set ups and stoppages
  • Loan Application
  • Service requests: e.g. Full Statement Request
  • Airtime Top-Up
  • Mobile Money services
Non-financial Services
  • PIN Change
  • Bill presentment & payment
  • Joint accounts
  • Cheque stoppage
  • Account opening and funding
  • Customer registration and referral
  • Online guarantee processing

Increased Market Penetration by the cleints.

Easy Access to accounts for transactions.

Improved Customer Loyalty due to the convenience created by the system.

Increased Operational Efficiency.

Easy Deployment and use by the clients.


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